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So, you want to know about us and what we do here at GRIDSNAP. Well, we where established in 2014 as a CGI production studio for Pack Shots, Animations, VR and AR experiences and 2D Graphics. Additionally, we also make the occasional game to keep things fun. To clarify, if it’s digital then we usually have a finger in it somewhere.

Ultimately, our aim is to be transparent when working with our clients. Because we believe that getting to know each other is key to us producing what you want and need. First and foremost, we believe in getting to know the people we do business with to build lasting relationships.

Above all, we’re a group of highly skilled creatives that deliver your projects on time and on budget. Come and have a look at some of our recent work.

CGI Products

Headphone Buds (PURPLE)


This ‘Headphone earbuds’ CGI Product was designed and 3D Modelled to replicate their real world counterpart. With an appealing simplistic design and bold material colours, they really stand out and look beautiful on their solid backdrop of the same colour.

These ‘Headphone earbuds’ have many unique materials that make them a joy to light. For instance, the rubber on the Earpiece and the glossy black plastic for the wires and assembly. Not to mention the shiny coloured metal casing and silver trims. Ultimately, adding to the over-all beauty and splendour as seen in the Renders. As a result, you can clearly see the light reacts differently on each surface of the model. In essence, the separate materials spread and diffuse the light in unique and interesting way.

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Real Design asked us to produce an exploded model and VFX for the launch campaign of the new NEOS Radiator. To start with, we delved into making the various renders of the radiator and delivered these promptly, so that Real Design could use these NEOS Radiator renders straight away for the marketing campaign.

Additionally, we were also asked to develop a set of VFX animations to showcase the elements the radiator is made from. Firstly, Aluminium bursting from rock. Then, Soapstone that would emerge from volcanic lava and finally, air, navigating through a component of the radiator.

To sum up, each of these animations can be seen in the promo marketing video that was produced here.

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CGI Toon



Well, this Stoppit render was originally developed as a piece of ‘Fan Art’ for personal development. Then, posted on various social media platforms. From this, we were approached by The Guardian newspaper and asked if we could provide this solo render of Stoppit. Because, they wanted to use him in an article as part of their Guardian Fashion Weekend special.

Of course, we jumped at this opportunity and got a new ‘Solo Stoppit’ rendered out for them quickly. However, we made a few alterations to his Fur settings first and altered his pose to be more inviting. Ultimately making him appear a lot more Fuzzy, Soft and Friendly.

 In conclusion, you can view the article that he featured in here.

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Hex Worlds

Hex Worlds, now this is one of our favourite stylised projects of all. These mini environments look truly beautiful, with their low poly aesthetic and simple flat colour pallets. All together, 4 of these environments where created, purely as a side project. However, these have inspired a couple of other projects that we are currently working on.

This was all derived from a slow day at the office, while waiting on renders for a client, we took to doing some personal development and after playing around with basic geometric shapes, we settled on the hexagon as inspiration for our environment designs.

In contrast, a lot of low poly environments out there tend to use cubes and squares to get that low poly aesthetic. However, by using hexagons, we found an equally pleasing end result. As such, Hex Worlds was born.

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